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The very first Children's Haunted Hall Halloween Ball was held at Stokesley Town Hall in 2016 and it went down a storm!

Events & Dreams is not just about the grown ups, children have dreams too.


I've always been inspired by Disney and Cinderella, so what a better way to put my love of childs play, dressing up and all things fun than to throw a Children's Ball or two, or three.  

In 2017 we took the Children's Haunted Hall Halloween Ball to my home turf in Redcar inside the Coatham Memorial Hall.


Halloween weekend this year was definitely a fun one!  

Easter 2018 and we had the Easter Bunny's Ball back at Coatham Memorial Hall.

Lots of egg hunting, bonnet making, chocolate, chicks and rabbits but most importantly... lots of fun!  

Keep updated for the next Halloween Ball by following the Haunted Hall Halloween Ball facebook page

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